Dromillihy Wood, Connagh

The Dromillihy Woods, near Connagh on the N71 are a great walk with small children.  It is a lovely place to toddle – removed from the main road and with just enough uphill and downhill to make it interesting.

Dromillihy Wood – entrance to the trail

Kids love exploring  woodlands and if you are travelling down to West Cork on the N71, it is a great place to stretch your legs and to use the picnic facility.  The Cellmount walk is just over 1.5km and older, more robust children could easily do the walk twice – clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

On the Cellmount Walk

The development of the woodland trail is all down to a dedicated team of people from the local community who got together to make it happen.  Standing together, they fund-raised and planned and have succeeded in creating a lovely and valuable amenity in the community.  The trails were officially opened by Cllr Barbara Murray in April 2013 and have seen many families enjoying (and benefiting) from it.

Cellmount Loop in the Dromillihy Wood

There are interesting boards all along the walk with information on the local flora and fauna.

Information boards along the trail highlight local flora and fauna

The Dromillihy Wood amenity site is a testament to what a community can do if it works together for the greater good.  It is a credit to the community of Connagh.

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