Coorycommane Walk, Coomhola, Bantry

The Coorycommane Walk is a fabulous asset to Bantry and surrounds.  It is a  credit to the people involved in making it happen and for providing such a wonderful amenity. It is a way marked trail of 4.8km and is part of the Beara Walking Route.  We walked it this Easter with friends and the kids loved it.   It is one of those walks that has a little bit of everything – winding forest trails, steep hills, grasslands, hilltops and boggy, bumpy bits.

Coorycommane Loop, Coomhola

Coorycommane is a NLP (National Loop Walk) and it starts at Coomhola bridge where there is ample parking.   The walk kicks off with quite a steep climb before it winds through a well marked forest.  Kids cant resist running ahead. It has the feel of a real adventure trail.  The climb can then be quite strenuous to the top of Coorycommane Hill which will give you a panoramic view of the beautiful Coomhola and Borlin Valleys as well as a sweeping vista of Bantry Bay.

On the crest of the walk with sweeping views over Bantry Bay

The route is beautifully marked and where there are no signposts, look for clues painted onto the rocks and stones.

Look for clues of paint on the trail to lead the way if ever you are unsure

The walk then winds its way through more forestry before meeting up with the ‘Bog Road’ which will lead you back to the starting point at the Coomhola Bridge.

Walking on the Bog Road back to the starting point.

The Coomhola River is a wonderful place for a picnic and to cool little feet.  The walk took about 2 hours and was enjoyed by all age groups.

Paddling in the Coomhola River afterwards.

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