Bamboo Park, Glengarriff

The Bamboo Park in Glengarriff is a charming place to visit.  Families love it for two main reasons, it is safe and it has a policy of FREE entry to all children.  This makes it an affordable and popular destination especially for anyone travelling with lots of children.   It is also easy to find and well signposted on the N71 as you leave Glengarriff and head towards Bantry.

The Bamboo Park in Glengarriff has stunning colours during summer

The little romantic pathways take you past bamboo plantations and through exotic gardens where palm trees, ferns, hydrangea, fuschia, cosmos and woodlands thrive.   The pathways wind their way down from the entrance at the main road right down to the shoreline where there are many beautiful spots to stop and admire the view of Glengarriff Harbour.

Bamboo Park

The Bamboo Park is now open for the season from 9am-6pm.  Bring a picnic for a truly tropical experience or indulge yourself with homemade cakes and refreshments in the coffee shop.

Tranquil Sea views from Bamboo Park

Mystery:  On the waterfront are 13 stone pillars which are of unknown origin.  Some say they are ancient and their religious significance can only be guessed at.   However you decide to spend your time at the Bamboo Park, you will have a memorable day. For more information, follow Bamboo Park on facebook, here.

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