Spirit of Love, Bantry

This statue has to be my favourite throughout all of West Cork.  It is called ‘Spirit of Love’ and was  installed in 2006.  It is situated at the foot of the graveyard, the Abbey, overlooking the scenic inner harbour, as you come into Bantry town on the N71, Cork side. 

Spirit of Love, Bantry

Spirit of Love depicts two large bronze figures encircling a bronze mast and stands 5m high.  It was  commissioned by the Cork County Council to remember all those who have lost their lives at sea. It signifies both letting go and remembering. It was funded by the Per Cent for Art Scheme (a practical scheme established in 2004 to fund visual arts in Ireland).  

Spirit of Love – signifies both letting go and remembering.

Commissioned artist, Paddy Campbell , was first a successful business man in Ireland, Britain and America where he ran a thriving  catering-to-coffee business.  However, in 1996, he returned to his artistic roots via Florence Academy of Art and took various courses in drawing, painting and sculpture.   

Spirit of Love, Paddy Campbell

In 2005, Paddy Campbell established a studio in Florence and earned recognition as a sculptor of note.  He had many public commissions including the official portrait of the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese in 2007.

Spirit of Love, Bantry

Paddy’s works which aim to capture a moment in contemporary life ‘something you knew, but didn’t know you knew…..’   have been acquired by international collectors in Ireland, Portugal, France, Turkey, UK, USA, Canada and Australia.  A solo exhibition called “Un Altro Mondo” (Another World) at the Palazzo  Comunale in Fiesole, Italy, 2009, attracted over 3500 visitors. 

To admire more of Paddy’s work – visit his website here.

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