Glengarriff Woods – Esknamucky Trail

The Glengarriff Nature Reserve is home to over 300 hectares of oak woodland and is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year.  Each season shows a different aspect of the woods and it is equally as beautiful to visit in the first flush of spring as it is during the colourful palette of autumn.  There are several clearly marked walks in the woods so there is a trail for every age, ability and fitness level.  Depending on how much time you have and what your energy levels are, it is always rewarding to combine a few of the loops into a longer tailor-made walk.

Esknamucky Trail, Glengarriff Woods

The Esknamucky Trail, which is a loop walk of just under 3km, is the most rugged of the trails as it winds its way up steeply through the woods.

Starting off on the trail.

Also known as the High Walk, there are many steps along the trail as the path threads up towards the top of the climb.

Esknamucky gives a great cardio workout with plenty of ups and downs.

There are several scenic viewing points along the way which give panoramic views over the forest and to the mountains beyond. 

The Esknamucky Trail is often combined with the shorter, but gorgeous, Waterfall Walk.

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