The Children’s Referendum – 10th November 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. with respect, to vote based on the fact a certain organisation are advocating a yes is not the best way, I came to a NO conclusion , not from propaganda or peer pressure but from extensive research, this referendum is not a good thing to be passed,
    this is coming from an ordinary citizen, a mother, with no political or church affiliation

  2. I agree that to vote 'yes' because of a certain organisation is a ridiculous thing to do. However, this particular organisation has rallied on behalf of striken parents with regards to child allowance cuts, back to school allowances and have campaiged against the awful cost of text books (especially for secondary school kids), they seem to be fighting in kids' corner. I think I should have been clearer in highlighting the fact that its a shame when people trust the viewpoint of an organisation over that of their own government.

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