Wounded Wallet Weekend! — 2 Comments

  1. All these Festivals are absolutely wonderful and great to see all the small towns putting so much hard work into them. However, agree with you on expense point. I avoided them all and took kids swimming in the river (freezing but they did'nt seem to mind), bar-b-qued and had water slides. They enjoyed it just as much and did'nt have the dreaded sugar rush from all the ice-cream, candy floss, fizzy drinks that seem to be de riguer (cant spell it) at any of the street festivals. I managed to have something cool and alcoholic whilst watching them on the water slide!!! Sounds like I am a complete meanie but quite honestly where do you stop. Car tax due (cringe) so all else must wait! On the subject of internet service providers we started out with a company who shall remain nameless as I dont want to be dragged through the Courts (rhymes with free – which it certainly was anything but!!!!) who were spectacularly useless as in they did NOT provide any sort of service. On the advice of a neighbour we switched to Digital Forge. What a FANTASTIC service! Staff friendly and helpful (they actually know who you are when you phone). We have had it for a year now and it only went down once. They had it up and running again within five minutes. I am girding my loins for the summer holidays which can also be an expensive business (summer camps etc). I pray for good weather as we live in the most beautiful part of the country and there is so much to do when the sun shines. Unfortunately, when its not shining summer is an expensive business (only so many cinema trips you can do). Heres to a lovely (relatively inexpensive) summer.

  2. Your hols sounded Idllyic and yes, they have a great time in nature – water, slides, picnic foods, relaxed mom! From my experience, you can never please everyone at a festival anyway, there are always tears – or cheek – or both! Kids and parents alike, lol!

    Yes, here is to an inexpensive summer! Let's make it happen….. we certainly can so the sea and the sand – crossing fingers the sun makes appearance!

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