Abusive mom – this woman should be arrested! — 4 Comments

  1. I couldnt actually believe what i was watching .it made me feel sick and stirred up horrific emotions of rage against that woman .how and why was this filmed and was there any retrobution for this abusive behaviour?

  2. Well, she went to Dr Phil for "help" saying that she could not cope with this child (one of six I may add) and that she needed help! He films things then and this is the result. I have not watched the rest of the show as I was called out from the waiting room – but I want to try and watch it on you tube to see. I dont know if its fair to give her help – the child definately needs help! Fast!

  3. OH DEAR GOD! Thats just shocking! HOW could any mother treat their child like that?? Its people like her that shouldnt be allowed to have children. It makes my blood boil 🙁

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