Be careful with the little souls you deal with – — 7 Comments

  1. So sorry to hear this story! My 6 yo shy daughter went to the same class- without her brother (otherwise known as her courage/ voice)- for the 1st time, which was a HUGE step! Thankfully she didn't have the same experience as your little girl, but the instructor did snap at ME when I asked a question. There are too many children in that space!

    When Zumbatomic starts up I'll make sure no children forget their names (or their smiles). Thanks for a beautifully written post and for the reminder about what an honor it is to be trusted with the wee ones.

  2. Hi RoRo – Ooooh – Zumbatomic – sounds delightful! I will watch your space for any further news. Sounds great – and as a good,compassionate mama yourself, I think shy babies will find their rooting quickly in your care and blossom for you, x

    Ps – really bad form to snap at a mom asking a question! That really doesnt sit well with me, trust wise and otherwise!

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