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  1. Hah! The grass the other side of the fence is always greener.

    We brought our daughter up in the suburbs of Dublin. At times it was a nightmare with too many distractions. What's more, we still had to drive her everywhere.

    When she left school, we moved 'down country', into the wilds. She has since moved near us and is sending her children to the local country school. Having experienced both sides of the coin, she says there is no contest – country every time.

    Incidentally, if we ever move again, there is a fair chance it would be to the Bantry/Schull area. You never know?

  2. I really had to think about this one, cause I often try to view our situation with our own kids regarding what is best for them. I think the older they get maybe town is best but when they are young it must be the country. Saying that, having more than 2 kids with different ages means your are kind of trapped for decision. Towns have too much distractions and other "out of our control" issues. At lease out in the country we turn into their bodyguards and driver at the same time, but I would not want to miss the conversations I have with my kids in the car………Hey, but that is alot of petrol…..If Ireland only was a bike country with bike tracks…..oh boy, nice thought.

  3. Grandad – you know they say the grass is greener on the other side as there is more manure there to fertilise it, x

    Point taken about suburban driving – it also exists! If you do ever move to even the wilder of wilds – then Bantry/Schull area comes highly recommended (by me at least) – it is so full of hidden gems from rockpools to mountain tops, x

  4. NJ – I think you summed up well there by saying we always try and do what is best for our kids. I guess its the quality of parenting that counts – regardless of where one lives – and you have a valid point – being in the car together for significant amounts of time, does offer a great opportunity for chat.

    PS – I note both of you have experience and both mention the word "distractions" which has to be noted, xx

  5. I grew up in the country and had all the freedom I could dream of. But I ended up hating it as I grew older because I felt I was missing out on the "interesting" things my friends were getting up to in town. I guess the ideal situation is to live in a village where there are parks nearby for the little ones but also cinemas etc. for the older ones.

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