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  1. Homework is the bane of my life! I hate it. It completely destroys any sort of family life that you want to have in the evening. They come home from school already tired and cranky wanting nothing more than to relax and are thrust straight into even more work. I ask you – would you like to have to come home from a day at the office and have to spend the rest of the night doing more work. I too end up losing my temper with the frustration of it all. Numerous sunny afternoons when we should be in the woods or on the beach letting them just run wild instead of being cooped up with homework. I think it serves no purpose as they are too tired and too full of frustration to even take in anything at that time of the day. Evenings are already so full of activities and meal preparation etc that sometimes I look back nostalgically (perhaps with rose tinted glasses I admit) on the days before school when you could actually have TIME with your children. The day is now just a whirlwind and we never seem to just talk or enjoy ourselves. I turn into the nagging shrew constantly fighting with them to GET ON WITH IT! It should nt be like this. The point is well made also about them refusing to listen to a parent and insist the teacher does it a different way. They don't always pick it up right the first time at school. I remember having world war 3 with my 10 year old about a sum which he had added up wrongly. When I tried to show him the correct way I got a fit of screaming hysterics because he insisted the teacher had done it the same way as him and he was right and I was wrong! The teacher was God as far as he was concerned. What can you do? Anyway, sorry about the soapbox rant, but I feel very strongly about this. On the rare nice days we get, we should not all be cooped up for hours getting more and more frustrated with each other. Ban homework I say – it does not foster good family relations!

  2. Oh wonderful! A woman who shares my viewpoint!

    You have made so many valid points here – homework really does intrude on our already heavily scheduled lives and quite right in saying – who would spend an entire day at work only to come home and do some more! It makes absolutely no sense and DOES turn perfectly normal mothers into over-stressed tyrants. We all end up yelling at our kids in frustration when things get tense and it is mostly homework induced! Furthermore, it certainly does not instill a love of learning.

    Perhaps it is time, yes, to crank up a petition to ban homework – such a shame I have not had ONE political canvasser call to my door this year – they have all sent their flyers by post! Ha

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