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  1. While I think we are all a little nervous of change, this new school will be an exciting new venture for teenagers and parents. The sooner the better at this stage!

  2. thanks cammy that all so interesting i did not hear about this enrolment event in maritime!!i would have gone anyhow i feel the extra facilities will be great for the children at the new college and by amalgamating the 2 schools cuts out alot of the rivallry that goes on between the 2 schools, the uniform will be a small issue by the time school starts not that i fancied it first but the jumper is abit darker in real life than first imagined, best of luck to the new college!!!!lu

  3. You are so right Margo – its going to be an exciting new venture! Here's to October 2011, x

    Hello Anon, well, I wouldnt have known about the enrolement day either if I had not received a text (thank you L) the night before asking if I was going. They had a very healthy turn out and I hear there will be at least 160 children starting in first year in September – that is an enormous class! (the more the merrier by my experience) so, lets cross fingers it all goes off smoothly, x

  4. Hi I missed it too and your report was great. Mags put it on her page. it looks fantantic and my son Alfie was very impressed. Must register him. Are they gonna do an exam to stream the first years I wonder. Pauline (anonomyous as I dont know how to comment the other way.

  5. Hi Pauline – On the day I didnt hear anything about a streaming exam but they gave us a lovely welcome folder, which has lists of subjects, Code of Conduct etc. And also, it has an admissions policy wherein it states that "All first year students who have completed an enrolment form will be required to sit a Cognitive Aptitude Test (CAT) to identify students with special learning needs and styles"

    Hope that helps.

    I have to go into the school before the 11th March to return the bus trasport form (usually done by 6th class teacher, but in this case its my responsibility, lol)
    I can ask while I am there, xx

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